bookpilesAfter a lot of reflection and thought, I’ve decided to start a second site that will work as a place for me to reflect on whatever I might be reading.  This isn’t so much a place for me to do book reviews; those will continue to show up, when they happen, at No I Has Heard.  No, this is more day-to-day reflections.

One thing I don’t have is a place or people with whom I can reflect on readings.  For that reason, some of the more difficult reading I do slips away as I struggle to hold a lot of information together.  So, today I thought to myself, Self, why not just do a blog?  No one will read it, but it’s more for me anyway.  So why not?  Indeed.  Why not?

I believe I’m going to start tomorrow.  As soon as I find a book to read.  I know I want it to be something that is both small, and something with which I’m familiar.  It should give me confidence to keep going.  If you follow my other blog, you are welcome to follow this, but I should note this is all pretty narcissistic of me.  It’s nothing more than me trying to figure out how what I’m reading, what it might mean, and how it all fits together.  Like notes a graduate student might take.

So that’s that.  You know what to expect, which isn’t much of anything at all.  Let’s see if I can keep up two blogs at once!


Comments are welcome, as long as they apply to issues rather than individuals. Don't make me break out the Benevolent Banhammer Of Love

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