Friday Night Music Randomness

I have 8 different Spotify playlists.  One, made up of sacred and choral music, has 76 followers!  If you’re a Spotify listener, just look for my name and check out my playlists, and follow the fun.  Tonight, I’m going to be using my “Eclectic Mix of Favorites” – 881 songs – set at random.  The ten songs that pop up will by my soundtrack for an evening out with my wife, then a nice late summer weekend ahead.  Let’s see how the wheel of fortune works for me, shall we?

1. The Grateful Dead – “Playing In The Band” – Dick’s Picks, Live, 1978

2. Ohio Players – “Fire” – Fire

3. Korn – “Here To Stay” – Untouchables

4. The Neville Brothers – “Rock and Roll Medley” – Live at Tipitina’s

5. The Sugarcubes – “Cold Sweat” – Life’s Too Good

6. Dream Theater – “The Count of Tuscany” – Dark Clouds & Silver Linings

7. Slayer – “War Ensemble” – Soundtrack to the Apocalypse

8. Seal – “Don’t Cry” – Seal 1994

9. Was Not Was – “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” – Are You Okay?

10. The National – “Start A War” – Boxer

That’s quite a mix.  Should make for an interesting evening.  Here’s a video for Number 11, because I can: