Sunday Morning Make Us All Feel Better

This weekend has not turned out the way I planned or wanted it to turn out.  I could sit around and bemoan that, or I could comfort myself a tad and move on.  I’m choosing the latter, if only because the former is kind of childish.  The two or three of you who read Friday afternoon’s post remember the drill, except this time I’m using my Choral and Sacred Music Playlist (thank you all 76 followers!  You’re my heroes!).

1. Tomas Luis de Victoria – “Lamentations Ieremiae Prophetae: Iod” – Tenebrae, Nigel Short conducting

2. Ralph Vaughan Williams – “Old 100th” – Christ Church Cathedral Choir

3. Thomas Tallis – Lamentations of Jeremiah I – The Tallis Scholars

4.Johann Sebastian Bach – Mass in G Minor, Qui tollis – The Lutheran Masses, The Sixteen, Harry Christophers conducting

5. Cristobal Morales – “Requiem For Phillip II, Offertorium: Domine Jesu Christe” – Gabrieli Consort & Players, Paul McGreesh conducting

6. Ralph Vaughan Williams – “Mass in G Minor: Kyrie” – Christ Church Cathedral Choir Oxford, Stephen Darlington conducting

7. Maurice Durufle – “Quatre Motets: Ubi Caritas” – The Choir of Trinity College Cambridge, Christopher Marlowe conducting

8. Anonymous – “Even Like The Hunted Hind” – The Tallis Scholars, Peter Phillips conducting

9. Anonymous – “Wash Me Thoroughly From My Wickedness” – Choir of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Dr. John Dykes Bower conducting

10. Anonymous – “Give Me The Wings of Faith” – Chichester Cathedral Choir

And the extra for the video!