My name is Geoffrey Kruse-Safford.  I also blog at No I Has Heard.  This page is for me to do reflecting on reading in which I’m engaged.  You’re welcome to whatever my thoughts might be worth.


One thought on “About

  1. You spoke of the Duggars as, “suddenly on a very glaring, all-too-visible world media stage”, yet they chose to be on that stage. They have been on that stage for years, using it as a cash cow. As long as they made money from it and could control the message sent from that stage, they didn’t seem to mind. The whole world is talking about Josh Duggar’s fall because the Duggars turned their family into a money making brand, for all the world to see. Yes, I feel sorry for the Duggar children, but the Duggar parents chose to live life in the spotlight. It can be a knife that cuts both ways. Perhaps the American public wouldn’t be so gleeful about the Duggar woes if members of the family hadn’t attacked groups that differed from their very narrow views of living, while privately breaking their own pious code.


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